Hello, I'm Rob

Hello everyone,

I’m Rob from the SF Bay Area and had an interest in keyboards for a while. I started my interest years ago when I found some keyboards just felt easier to type on versus others. I think the first expensive keyboard I bought was a Logitech G15, then later I found some older keyboards like a Compaq MX11800, Unicomp at work in the recycle bins. I started to research mechanical switches and ended up buying a WASD as my first keyboard (Cherry Browns).

Since then I bought stock off the shelf keyboards like Ducky, Torpe, WASD and others. Currently, I’m waiting for the Kira to come out and I’m planning to build a keyboard from scratch when I find a nice kit. Looking forward to learning more from this forum!

Almost forgot, I prefer 87 as my favorite format (but I also use 104 at home) and lighter switches (tactile or linear).

Hi Rob, Welcome!

Any chance we’ll be seeing you at the Bay Area Meetup this November?

Favorite OEM? From that short list I’d probably have to say Topre of course. For Non-topre I’ve had a good experience with my ducky mini back in the day, but I’m not sure if they’re still as good as they once were.

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Thank you!

I hope to make the Bay Area Meetup, looking forward to trying some of the custom boards.

Favorite OEM? I’m not sure since they all have their pros/cons but I really like the Vortex Pok3r LE. The only thing I had issues with is the stabilizers are really loud and squeaky. I lubed them as best I can but I don’t think that helped much.