Hello, I'm Sieun

Hi, I’m Sieun and I was told about this site by my friend Josh, or Backspace.

My friend showed me a few different sound profiles, and I enjoyed the silent one a lot, as with my username. The “Silent” comes from, of course, me liking silent switches, and “lube” from a mini project I did with Josh and made what we call S-Lube. Basically, CeraVe with Vaseline and some of that fancy lube meant for keyboard switches.

Thank you for reading and I hope to learn a lot!


Hey Sieun! You’ll learn alot from here, and maybe you’ll get some Krytox 205g0 while you’re at it :joy:

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Now that’s a collaboration I didn’t expect to see. Keyboards and skincare. Welcome to Keebtalk, and I hope your experiments remain fun and non-keyboard material destructive!

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Hello and welcome!