Hello KeebTalk!

I’m Roma and I’m maker.
Don’t wait, just make it!

I like 3d printing and electronics, programming and tech in general. And because my life has changed and i don’t have acess to my cave anymore, seems like now i became more and more a keeb-lover:)

I like the idea of custom keeb and I really impressed with Keebtalk. It’s so cool to see a lot of people that also obsessed (less or more) with keebs! Happy to be here!


Hey, welcome! Sounds you’ll fit right in here! Have you built any KBs yet or are you just getting into it?


Hello and welcome! I think you’ve come to the right place :smile:


Of course I do
Here I have posted my progress for now:)
Now I think about wireless one, and I starting working with schematics, so it will appears after some times here :smile:

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Yes, I decided to introduce myself because one guy here saves my time and calmness with one good tip when I have posted my really first question, so it’s good to say hello to all here.
Maybe someone who have questions also, will see this post and decided to be part of Keebtalk too.