Hello, my name is Jay, and I'm a keyboardholic

Hi everyone!

I recently came across this forum while watching Taeha, and I’m liking the culture here so far. I’m an artist/designer in Austin, TX and only got into mechanical keyboards as of May. COVID has shaken up my life quite a bit, though oddly, for the better. I was furloughed for a while, which gave me some time to chase freelance work and freshen up the ol’ resume, ultimately leading me to a newer, better paying job. Naturally, this means I have the opportunity to pick up a new hobby…

It all started innocently enough, wanting to replace the Logitech G110 that I’d been using for the past nine-ish years. No lie, I almost bought a Razer without doing much research, but figured I should poke around on Reddit first to see what the hivemind liked, and fell down the rabbit hole from there.

Still, I wanted to take it slow. I didn’t want to jump into a group buy, and I didn’t know what switches I liked. I needed something I could get quickly and experiment with, and the GMMK sounded perfect.

I think I ordered the Tai-Hao caps the day after it arrived, as well as a switch sample pack, though I enjoy the default Gateron Browns immensely.

Of course, once I’d had a taste, I had to have more. So I started looking for a DIY kit and managed to snag a KBD67 mkii v2 hotswap.

This little beauty was my gift to myself for my birthday and landing a new job. Once again I went with Tai-Hao caps, mostly for convenience, as well as Zeal stabs and Gateron Clears, which I liked when I tested them, but are way too light in practical use. I’m going to try give them a chance, but I think I need something heavier.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that my boss let me pick out the mouse and keyboard for my new workstation, and was kind enough to order me a Rosewill RK-9000V2, which might low-key be my favorite as far as how it sounds. Something about its construction gives it a very satisfying pok-pok-pok sound as you’re typing.


I’ve had a lot of fun looking at everyone else’s boards and I’m looking forward to chatting with everybody!


Welcome doomed mortal


Welcome! I also was looking into buying a Corsair and came down the rabbit hole. It is a very slippery slope my friend.

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I’ve definitely had to consciously pump the brakes. Fortunately, I think buying the 65% will keep me satisfied for a while.


Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


doomed…you’re so doomed :joy:


I can confirm :smiley:


Hi Jay.


Welcome! I think you made some great choices there - no matter how much farther down the rabbit-hole you go, those will always be good, versatile boards.

My first set of caps around 5 years ago were TaiHao, and I actually love them. While I wasn’t fond of how they sounded with the random blue clickies I had at the time and kind of forgot about them, I’ve recently discovered that I really like them with tactile and linear switches.

I think I know what you mean about the Rosewill - one of my favorite sounding boards is a stock Filco with their thin stock caps and standard Cherry switches. I can’t still say the same about the feel, though…

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“Watch your step junior.”

“he only had one [board], how many [do you have]?..”


Welcome! Glad to have you with us. And yeah… I’m on my 4th board now, in my first year. Welcome to the hobby!

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Do you think if we pester Yamaha enough, they’ll build us a keyboard that’s been audio tuned? :joy:

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After two thousand, I am wondering if I should stop the accounting part. What color was that door I opened?