Hello! We're HEX Keyboards! Pleased to be here!

Hi all! We’re HEX Keyboards, a two-man team based out of sunny Singapore!

  • We honestly have no explanation for the name other than “It sounds cool lmao” but we’ve since decided to brand our keyboard names after it.

While our team is new, both of us have been in and around the community for the last 3 years, under different aliases of course. Over time we realized that the gap between what is considered “affordable” and “premium” have slowly been increasing, and we’ve set out to bridge that gap with the products that we have offered so far: A Poron Burger Mounted 60%(HEX.3C), and a Southpaw Full-size that is still in IC phase(HEX.6C).

We’re looking forward to interacting with other community members here and have good discussions about all things mech-keys related! Cheers!



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:slightly_smiling_face: glad to be here!

I’ve been following your Hex.6c on Geekhack. Keep up the great work!

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