Hello :)

Hello! :wave:

My name is Aero, I’m pretty new to the keyboard scene, and most of my knowledge is surface level. I’ve been a bit of a lurker (large communities are a little intimidating :sweat_smile:), but I’ve noticed that I have a lot left to learn about keyboards and the hobby!

My first board (hopefully/unfortunately there will be more to come) is a GMMK Pro TKL, with Gateron Milky Yellows. Nothing too crazy on mods, tape-mod, and an attempted band-aid mod (I couldn’t get the band-aids into the housing, forever rattly stabs).

I didn’t really have a hobby previous to this, so learning how to have a hobby and maintain said hobby is also new to me. Really hope that this works out well for me.

I’m currently learning how to 3D model, so I can attempt my first custom build.

Ah, and a build picture!


Welcome to Keebtalk. That’s pretty cool that you’re learning to 3D model. You’ll have to keep us informed when you design something :slight_smile:


Welcome Aero!

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Hello hello! Glad to have you here. If you ever have a keeb question feel free ask; you’re likely to get a handful of friendly perspectives on it within a day or so.

Ha, at least as I see it, just about everything involving building a keyboard is reasonably easy… except tuning stabs to sound nice. A few years in and I can reliably manage some pretty clean sounding ones - but not on the first try, and not with any expedience. If there was a pie chart depicting my proportional effort and stress in a given keyboard build, it would be a bunch of little slivers for each part of the process and like 90% staaaaaabs

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Thank you for the welcome! Good to know stabs will always be a pain :sweat_smile:

Hello and welcome! I’m looking forward to what you come up with for your first design!