Help for a new guy

Hi i want to build my first keyboard. I dont want to mess with soldering and all that stuff. So i decided to get a hotswap pcb. Anyway i just want to ask is this setup okay? Will it work?


Everything looks good for here man! One thing I will say is to make sure you get the right plate with your GK61. There are two different plates for two different layouts with that board. One has a 2.25u L shift & set up for a regular ANSI layout & the other has a 2u L shift with the whole row shifted 0.25u to the left to accommodate a 60% with arrow cluster layout. Looking at your caps selection you want a normal ANSI 60% layout, so you want the plate that has a 2.25 L shift.

its a kit i think so the plate is allready in it.

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Yes the plate comes with the kit, but there should be an option for what plate you want, a 2.25u one or a 2u one. If there is just make sure to select the 2.25u one to match your selected cap set.

There is no option to choose for plate unfrotunetly :frowning:

And one question. Someone on a facebook group told me that gaterons can block the rgb. Is that true?

OK, you should be fine then. I must be thinking of a different GK board that has the multiple plate options. Yes, most Gateron switches are designed for through hole LEDs so they will block the LEDs somewhat. Unless you get Gateron SMD switches (clear top white bottom) which have the cut out in the bottom housing to allow SMD LEDs to shine through them. Although honestly I would stick with the clear top/black bottom yellows you have in your cart now. Those & milky top/black bottom are the smoothest Gats & the SMD variants are the scratchiest Gats IME. Alternatively you could order milky top/milky bottom Gaterons that would let more of the LED light through, but those are fairly scratchy IME also.

Ok,Thank for ur help. The only thing that left to do for me is to order them.
And i changed the yellow ones to brown. Now i use mx reds and i think that browns will be better for me.


No problem! Stick with clear or milky top/black bottom Gats for the browns also. What I was saying about certain variants being scratchier goes for all the stem colors IME. Post up some pics here when you get it!

Looks good! You don’t have to do it right away since your board is hotswap, but I would take a peek at doing some simple mods to your stabilizers to give them some better performance - Modding KEMOVE 61 SnowFox Hotswap 60% Mechanical Keyboard & Typing Sounds | Gateron Red Switches - YouTube


I think that’s a great choice for your first board. Definitely glad I went with hotswap for my first one - it’s a nice entry into the hobby as you can eventually start trying out different switches to see what you like best. +1 on lubing/modding your stabilizers, it does make a huge difference.

Enjoy your first build!

Looks good to me - I’m using the non-bluetooth version of the same board. It’s a great switch testing platform besides being a perfectly decent keyboard.

I got some of those wooden caps a couple years ago and they wouldn’t mount all the way on my switches because they’d filled the underside with resin - hopefully they stopped doing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I orderd some krytox 205g0 and gonna lube all these switches

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Nice! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: Remember it is harder to take lube away, than to add more.

I watched wayyy to many tutorials about lubing so dont worry :slight_smile:

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