Help in Protecting My Keebabies

This might be a strange question/topic, but after receiving my Tofu case from KBDFans, I couldn’t help but admire the white packing foam in its box. I would love to purchase slabs of this to line DIY wood storage boxes for my boards, each one tailor made (with a foam cutout) for a specific board. I’ve failed to identify the foam properly, and am woefully ignorant of the products on the market. Is it closed or open cell…polyethylene foam possibly? Any info would be a godsend (especially where I can buy it economically once identified). Thanks in advance for crowdsourcing this one.

Can you take pictures of the foam from the box? it might help. I unfortunately have no experience with the foam used in their box, but have some foam experience.

Thanks for the response. It’s at work at the moment so I’ll snap a pic on Monday. I appreciate your help.

Cool. Hope I can help.

Here is an album of the foam with descriptions.

I would say it’s probably some sort fo EVA foam. Closed cell as it’s cleanly cut, but definitely looks like EVA as you mention.

There’s some dense stuff here: But I don’t have much experience with EVA foam in general. All my cosplay stuff has been plastic or cloth or metal, so I can’t speak to its weight. But since that is from a cosplay shop, I imagine it’s not super heavy because they mean for you to use it for armor and the like.

Thanks for your insight. I actually have some samples of EVA from an online retailer on the way to compare against this foam. The EVA I’ve held in the past has been really heavy where this is light, but I’m sure there are many formulations so we’ll see. Thanks again.

Yeah, I have a feeling it’s just a different weight/density of EVA foam. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help in that arena.