Help: Keyboard Not Appearing in Windows

Hey guys,
Looking for some suggestions or ideas on what to try in troubleshooting. I built a Maja this week and was in love with the thing.
After about a week of use, it just stopped typing mid-sentence and doesn’t appear as a device in Windows. The LEDs are still on and I can change their patten’s colors.
Other keebs plugged into the same cable work fine.
Any ideas? I’m pulling my hair out!

I know it is kind of basic but have had luck with something simple like: Try a different cable, switch ports on the PC. Try a different PC.

If that doesn’t work I would suggest taking the PCB out of the case and try the same steps.

Good luck!

i had this happen with one of my keyboard, try flashing it again. it worked for me

If you can change the patterns, that indicates the firmware is still running. It sounds like your USB port is damaged. Take a look at the connector, I assume it’s USB-C. See if it’s lifting off the PCB. You might be able to reflow it and get it working again. A common sin of the chinese PCBs is they don’t put enough solder on the through hole pins and they are a weak point. If it is the USB-C port, you might have to get a new PCB or find someone locally who can repair it.

Thanks Yanfali, great idea,
Just to respond to the other suggestions, can confirm that I’ve tried other PCs and cables and the reset button on the PCB, and the core issue is that I cannot flash as it’s no longer recognised as a device by the PC.
I’ve taken a look at the connector and it appears fine, and I’ve run my soldering iron over the joints just to be sure. Unfortunately no fix just yet.
Your explanation makes a lot of sense, it might be getting power but isn’t able to transmit any data back and forth. I’m onto support from KBDFans so hopefully they can help!