[HELP] Macropad with 16 keys and per switch RGB

hi all :wave: i’m looking for a macropad that meets the following criteria

  • at least 16 1u keys (4x4 config)
  • per switch RGB
  • QMK (capable of addressing each RGB LED individually)
  • USB-C

closest reference is the BM16A but i don’t believe it supports RGB LED, only single color :frowning_face:
willing to commission someone for a build if they have any ideas on how to achieve this.

Look around among Let’s Split ortholinear variants: 48 keys split into 24 key halves, each independently usable. When you get them, flash VIA firmware on it so you can program it without reflashing. Mine from NK is hot swap which is particularly handy.


If you are willing to use Circuit Python or Arduino to program the macropad then there are options. I know of no QMK solutions.

Sadly 4 keys short:

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this is a little bit extra but I believe it has everything you’re looking for:

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great idea, thanks!

NP. IMO the biggest issue with macro pads is the gap between perceived need and actual need. The best way to find out is to get one and try. And Let’s Split path is the cheapest, most readily available path AFAIK.

Is 20 keys and 2 rotary encoders okay?
You can add yourself to the wait-list…