Help Me Out and Win FREE MK Things

WINNERS: All winners have been contacted except : jjames#6165 , I was unable to find you on discord, PM onkeebtalk or reddit or send a DM to davisthegreat#8096

UPDATE 2: Raffle has been completed ill be notifying winners today 7/17/2020. Also ill turn off view responses - emails weren’t required but i understand the concern.

UPDATE: I Will complete drawing on twitch stream, along with a rama unboxing - 8PM ET/ 7PM CST

TLDR - Fellow KB enthusiast and potential retailer is curious about the inner workings of our community, take survey 1 & 2 and make a comment to have 3 chances to enter a raffle for one of these items. Please Read the RULES in bold below.


  1. You have 3 chances to enter: The Feels Survey, The Stats Survey, and Comment below

  2. No duplicates

  3. Once the raffle is complete, I will post survey results

  4. I would love feedback from EVERYONE, but I can only afford to ship to the CONUS right now.

  5. My birthday is on Monday 7/20, so do me a solid; stay home, fill out the survey and Pop it for Pimp

  6. Raffle Winners will be announced at 7PM CST on 7/16/2020

Hey All! My name is a Danielle and i’m a KB addicted sys admin. I have been a lurker in the hobby on and off for the last four years. I built my magicforce in 2016 and by December of that year I had built my first keyboard (Redscarf 68) and bought keysets like they were running outta plastic. I’ve built a collection, sold that collection and am starting to build it up again. If you are new to this community, welcome! If you are a veteran than you know a lot have things have changed. I left this hobby for about a year (most if not all of 2019) and man has it exploded. There are full time builders, streamers and everything in between and I love it. (except when there is a limited GB)

Last week I decided to explore what it would take to open an online MK store. There are tons now, I have a whole favorites folder, filled with members and vendors of this community who sell everything from lube, to switch stations to keycaps and everything in between. There is nothing new under the Sun (except a brand new keyboard amirite?) However something inspired me (another topic for another day) and has driven me for the last 2 weeks to do as much research as I could into multiple aspects of this hobby. MKs are a hobby, but it is also turning into an industry and I’d like to know why and potentially see where it is going.

So I am approaching this in a scholarly fashion (this has felt like a grad school research project). I can make a few assumptions based off my experience in the community but it would be unreasonable to think I knew all the answers.

I am seeking feedback. I do not have any MKB friends IRL, so this is the best way I know how to approach this. In return I am raffling off a few things.

Survey 1

Survey 2


  1. Keyboard Red DZ60 Build - 205G0 lubed gat inks, Polycarb Plate, Durock stabilizers, neoprene foam liner - All you need is a cable and some keycaps, stepped caps, full backspace, 2U shift, 6.25 Space bar. Used for a week - I am not a linear girl.
  2. Hex Gears X1 - Wireless, bluetooth, brown low profile switches, includes Cable and Case, used for maybe 2 weeks.
  3. Artisan 1
  4. Artisan 2
  5. D.VA metal artisan
  6. Seeed Soldering Iron - Never used, only opened.
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Ok I’m in!

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Thank You!

I’m happy to share info regardless, but cool you have incentives. I answered both. Trying to get a handle on this community is a tall order, but I applaud you.

Btw, I would love to see your favorites folder. I’m still fairly new and trying to figure out who to follow and who the real, genuine makers in this space are. Let me know if you’d share. Thanks!

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Thank you so much, ill be happy to share … im mobile now, but i’ll get it it to you as soon as i can

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Entered even though I am not in US. Ah well, safest way to try out raffles and still help out :slight_smile:

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Interesting questions. Good luck with your store project!

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Nice idea!

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What’s a raffle?

I run all entries through a random picker for each item and it selects who wins

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Good luck with your plans.

P.S: I donno if it’s right or wrong that I can see the other respondents emails.


That’s a big yikes, how to revoke my submission?

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Have fun with my email I guess :slight_smile:

Kinda interesting to see that about half of respondents got into the hobby within the last year. I think it speaks about the explosion this thing had recently. I assume businesses (new and existing) are trying to figuring out how to benefit from such growth. To mutual benefits I hope, because this is crazy how demand exceeds the offer right now. I admit thinking about how I can step into the market, albeit still clueless lol.

I’m one of those new ones… but things ebb and flow so much. Take my input with a grain of salt. A lot of it is scarcity because of COVID logistics issues. Wonder how long that growth will last tho. Will it keep growing? level off? Die back down? The latter outcomes will end up leaving a of extra stuff out there.

Yea, thats why i wanted to make the results public, so others could benefit… the growth is crazy. thank you for participating

Yea I’m interested to see once covid induced boredom is over will the hobby maintain. As far as ive experienced its a pretty addictive hobby, so anyone who’s attention is grabbed will stick around.

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