[HELP] Need a name for this macropad/thumb cluster for an upcoming project

need help coming up with an idea for this little controller board. Brief summary of features:

  • USB-C connector
  • STM32F303CBT ARM mcu
  • 2x IS31FL3731 - drive up to 58 per key RGB driven by depending on how you do the matrix
  • QWIIC port for I2C connection between two halves
  • 7 col and 7 row pre-defined for easier handwiring.

There will be more info to come about the board this controller will drive soon :smiley:

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I was going to go with Hardlight, since I cant imagine the fresh hell of hand wiring a full per key RGB keyboard heh.

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For some reason I have dogs on my mind, so I’m gonna call this one the PupperPad :dog:

So it has 6 switches, I notice Boston on it, Massachusetts is famous for firearms manufacturing, so I why not something like, “Revolver” (good enough for a Beatles album), “Springfield” (home of Smith and Wesson) or “Volcanic” (Name of the first firearm they produced, although the volcanic pistol did hold 7 rounds)