Help please (PCB: dz60rgbv2)

Hey everyone,

So here’s my problem, I recently switched from Mac to Windows and to put it short my dz60rbgv2 hotswap keyboard stopped working. When i was using it on Mac it was perfectly fine, then when i switched over to Windows it stopped working on both. Here’s what happens when i plug it in. Rbg turns on, no key press detected, and it registers as dz60rgb in the windows devices. I tried flashing and doing all the things through QMK toolbox and zadig. However, when i load the keyboard into QMK tool box it says “Atmel DFU device connected: Atmel Corp. ATm32U4DFU” when i try to flash it after it says “no device present”. I am really lost and not sure what I should do. If anyone can help please. Thank you! (by the way, I’m new to custom keyboards so all I know is what a YouTube video says to do). Also, I’m not sure if i did it all right.

Okay. Probably seems like a silly question, but did you try a different cable?

Also, if it’s USB-c, did you try flipping the connector over? Sometimes faulty port design will only accept data in 1 orientation even though the cable can go either way.

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Oh yeah i forgot to mention that. I just bought a new usb-c cable to see if the old cable was messed up but nothing new. everything I tried above was using a new cable. by the way the cable is for both charging and data transfer.

Also, I did flip the connector and it still did the same things i explained.

Does it still work on your Mac? Oh I see you said it doesn’t. Hmm…


Are you putting it in boot loader with space + B or are you pressing the physical button?

i read that for this version its a reset button next to the space bar, but yes, I press and hold the reset when plugging in and wait for the toolbox to read connected. When it does connect rgb is off and won’t let me flash the pcb