[help] space 65 cyber voyager dsa keycap rubbing top case

i’m trying dsa profile on a space 65 cyber voyager and the top right key is rubbing against the inside corner of the top case.

  • tried different dsa keycaps and all have the same rub so i don’t think it is a keycap defect.
  • oem/cherry profile is fine, no rub.

anyone else run into this issue using dsa on this board?

i’m thinking of sanding down the key a bit, but that’s kinda scuffed :sweat_smile:

Is the switch soldered on straight? If not, you could try reheating the joints and moving the switch over a bit.

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thanks! it’s straight afaict. i just ended up sanding the corner of the keycap down and it cleared.

That case has some crazy tight tolerances around the keycaps, and I don’t think that they allowed enough space (no pun intended) for the finish. Most people are having problems around the arrow blocker. Mine is fine but for one spot on the left control key with KAT profile. What finish/color did you get?

GMK works well in this case with some careful adjustment of the plate. Sometimes just loosening and tightening a screw will do it. But every other profile I’ve tried has had rubbing at one of the corners or the blocker. Very crazy tolerances, indeed.

good to know it’s just design flaw. i got the eva colorway. thanks!

yeah, i reassembled a couple of times to see if i could get any type of clearance. but sanding the keycap down was best. fortunately i’m just using relatively cheap DSA blanks.