Help, What did I do wrong here? (Sticking Spacebar)

I just built up my Wilba.Tech Thermal, and after I slapped the keyset on it, I realized that I am having an issue with the spacebar. It works, but it does not always return to its full and upright position, making typing on it oddly non-responsive at times. I have tried swapping out the switch under it and that doesn’t change anything. The spacebar is from GMK Nautilus, and is very slightly warped, and the stabilizers are GMK from novel keys. I currently have the spacebar flipped, but it still sticks when it is upright too. I’m not the best at this stuff, and just getting frustrated, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

And u shure the wire hasn’t popped out?

I took the spacebar off and it appears to still be seated properly.

I am having the feeling like I will need to tear it all the way down to find out at this point…

if they’re screw-in try not tightening it all the way.


oh interesting, they are screw in stabs

try loosening it a little bit

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oh wow, that really helped! Why does that fix this issue?


Overtightening might bring them lower than they are as you might be compressing the PCB too much for where they screw in. It’s great that loosening them helped though!

Edit: Typically only with some severely crooked spacebars will that become an issue, but that could also contribute to sticking