Help with choosing a 96% or full size hot swappable keyboard

Hi! I need help choosing a keyboard. I was looking at the Keychron K10 Pro but realized it’s too wide because I will be carrying it to school, and I can’t fit a wider keyboard than 435mm in my backpack.

So my requirements are:

  • Not wider than 435mm
  • Hot swap
  • Nordic ISO
  • Numpad
  • Detachable cable
  • Max €150 with shipping to Finland and aveilable from the eu

PBT keycaps would be nice. I don’t really care about switches as I will be swapping them in the future to something like the Gateron Milky Yellow. I’m looking for a deep/thocky sound.

K4 Pro 1800 layout > Full Sized Layout

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Firstly, welcome to Keebtalk.

As suggested by @Goguma you should look at 1800 (also called 96%) layout boards. The K4 Pro that they mentioned is 390mm long and has all the functionality of a full size board. The Bluetooth is very good on the Kx Pro series too and means that you may not need to haul the cable around. The board is heavier than I would like to carry around but if you’re young and strong you’ll be fine.

Right at the moment it’s also 20% off for Cyber Monday on the main Keychron site, which means it’s at about half your budget so you can add a nice carrying case and a spare set of caps:

The problem with this is that im in Finland and im quite sure keychron ships from china, that would mean i have to pay 24% of taxes on it. It would still be in my budget if i order it from keychron-de but i dont know how the shipping time is.

I decided that i dont really need the numpad and im getting the Keychron V3

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Just FYI, if you order on it still ships from China. If taxes are a problem you can order on AliExpress where the taxes are prepaid by being factored into the price.

The V3 is a solid board, I got one for my son and he uses it heavily for studenting and gamering. Keybored on YouTube has some modding suggestions for it, although mods for the entire V-series are pretty much the same.

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