Help with custom plate file

I’m looking for a plate file in DXF (or other format) that has this single layout, except the split left shift (or same but ansi) and with with holes for regular plate mount screws.
Unfortunately I have no experience with CAD so I can’t do it myself.

Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hey there, I think your best bet is to use a combination of keyboard layout editor (KLE) and Swill’s Plate & Case builder. You can create the layout you want in KLE, paste the raw data into Swill’s builder, select a few options in the builder (like Poker - 60% as the case type), and have it generate a DXF for you. For a single layout plate, I expect you could use the DXF directly.

One thing to note is how your stabilizers are oriented (assuming they’re PCB mount stabs). Depending on the PCB, some stab wholes may need to be re-oriented. See here for info on rotating stab cutouts.

(ai03’s plate generator would be an alternative option to Swill’s, but at present ai03’s tool doesn’t place any holes for screws, etc. So some CAD work would be required if that tool was used.)


Great information, highly appreciated. Thank you.