Help with custom plate

Hi, I’m trying to design a custom plate that fits in a KBD75 v3.1 case to be sent to a laser cutting service. I already have the layout built in swillkb but I don’t have the locations and dimensions of the mounting holes. Does anyone know these measurements or have a KBD75 v3.1 plate file? Thanks.

Did you check KBDFans’s website? they released the plate files for the KBD67 Lite, maybe they released it in one of that keyboard related pages.

Do u know we’re the pcb-hole is? Just make a bigger hole in that area of the plate.

I guess the kbd75 v3.1 is a little too new, they don’t have the file there on the page for it, thanks for the suggestion though

This plate is top mounted and doesn’t screw into the pcb, there are little hole around the edges of the plate to screw into the case so I can’t compare it to a 75 pcb

Is this the plate you are trying to replicate?

My bad, assumed it was tray.

Yeah that’s the one, not the exact same key layout but the same mounting hole positions

Sorry kbdfans can be stingy on the plate files. Regarding the swillkb plate generator, I have not had luck generating a complex outer edge with it plus it does plate stab cutouts which I am not a fan of. I more go the AI03 plate generator then adjust the dxf with KiCad. That doesn’t really help you until you you can get the hole positions and geometry of those tabs.

I would recommend buying directly from kbdfans. Is there something this layout doesn’t cover or were you trying to make a specific plate material?

KBDfans plate supported layouts.

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If you’re making a custom plate I’ll assume you the keyboard? then why not just measure it yourself?
You could make a somewhat decently accurate estimation from their pictures since you know the switch holes are 14mm long.
You could do this with various software, Fusion360 for example has a tool to set measure according to a known dimesnion in a picture, I would have done it for you already but my subscription ran out.

I already have a 75 pcb that would fit in the kbd75 case but it has an uncommon key layout that kbdfans doesn’t support on their plates, but thanks for the suggestion

Yeah I was thinking if I couldn’t find the plate file on here I would just get the case and measure out the holes manually