Help with macros in VIA

So do anyone know how and what I need to type to get the macro to type a alt-code for me?

ALT+0229 = å
ALT+0197 = Å
ALT+0228 = ä
ALT+0196 = Ä
ALT+0246 = ö
ALT+0214 = Ö

One Mac, I can type å by holding “ALT + a”, so in QMK you could use macro LALT(kc) - " Hold Left Alt and press kc". In VIA, I believe that you can add these macros using the “Any” key. I just found out about it, but it sounds like it allows you to use QMK keycodes that are not specifically added yet.

I would think for the others, you would just have to find out there other Alt codes…