Hey all! I'm Lbibass!

Hey keebtalk! I’ve been on here a while, but this is the first time I’ve made one of these posts. You’ve probably seen me around on discord and Reddit, posting about some of my designs and what I’ve been collecting as of late.

I got my first keeb about 2 years ago, basically out of spite, as I was pissed off with my laptop keyboard, the infamous Macbook Pro. I wouldn’t have to bring it in to be repaired every 2 weeks if I didn’t use the keyboard, right? In January, I got and built my first custom keyboard, and now I am 20 keebs deep in this hobby with even more that I have designed and am working on. I’ve been doing CAD for nearly 3 years now, and I got into PCB design earlier this year. Expect to see a lot of GBs or designs from me in the future. :slight_smile: Thanks, and see you guys around :smiley:


Hey! always neat to see new designs. looking forward to seeing your projects develop.


Thanks! I’ve been talking with ALF and Hiney for the last couple of days. You should be excited about what is coming, especially in the TKL space. :slight_smile:


Interested to see what you’ve got planned. By the way. How do we say your name? L Bib Ass? Pound I Bass? Libby Bass?

El-Bee-Eye-Bass, I think.

And good to see you over here @Lbibass!

now, is that bass like the fish or bass like the low pitch?

EL BEE EYE BASS(Like the fish)!

Not Eye Bib Ass.