Hey everyone, Pete here

Hey everyone, finally created an account to be able to post/reply here occasionally.

Pete here. I’m the creator/lead of the ZMK firmware, and also a relatively new designer as well. I’m nearly ready to ship out my first group buy, the Zaphod, a wireless, unibody split, 34-key choc board w/ a sharp memory display.

I’ve got a few other projects in the works, in addition, of course, to my continued work on ZMK.

I’m a big LP fan, so mostly typing on choc boards of various kinds. Currently, I daily either a Zaphod or my technikable prototype, which is a wireless replacement PCB for the Technik case I’m working on:

Looking forward to being part of the community!


Welcome! Thats a really neat little keyboard. I’ve been thinking about trying a similar layout recently to move my hands apart a bit on my planck, what do you have the middle 6 keys mapped to? I also like the marbled keycaps, are those 3D printed?

I use a Miryoku inspired 5-col layout with home-row mods, so those middle two columns I just use for media keys, play/pause, volume, etc.

The keycaps are all Chicago Steno (CS) artisans from https://asymplex.xyz/ - pretty much the best choc artisans to be found. I’ve been itching to buy a full set, but at a minimum, the t1 thumbs and 1u convex are perfect for bottom rows of choc boards.


As a wireless enthusiast, thank you for your work on ZMK! :pray:


Hello and welcome! Awesome to have you here.

It doesn’t do your board justice, but my favorite quote about the eponymous character comes from his doc;

Vell, Zaphod’s just zis guy, you know?


I’ve discovered the joy of home row mods recently, not sure if I could live without them now. I’ll probably end up with media keys like you’ve done (or a forsaken square of arrow keys) in the middle. I’m still exploring the exciting world of MX switches so far, but I definitely want to try a choc bottom row/thumb cluster on my next build and those choc artisans would be perfect! Thanks for sharing, might be worth it to drop a link for them in the List of Keyboard Vendors thread as well so others can check them out.

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Hello @petejohanson and welcome :slight_smile:

It is great to have someone like you in this forum !
While not yet a ZMK user, I applaud the work you and your team did on this keyboard firmware development.


Welcome! It’s genuinely a pleasure to have you as part of the community!


Welcome and thank you so much on your work of ZMK!

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