Hey Everyone

Hey everyone,

I’m somewhat new to the hobby (just under a year) and this is actually my first post in a keyboard forum of any kind. I basically type everyday for a living, so I have no idea why it took so long for me to get into keyboards, but there really is no going back once you’ve felt a decent board.

There was definitely some frustration when first getting into the hobby (endless videos that are basically “look at this great board you’ll never be able to find/afford”). So I started tinkering right away with my main focus to try to get a great feel and sound from boards that are available and affordable.

I decided to join a forum to get more involved in the community and saw this one on a Taeha video. Hopefully I can learn a lot from you guys and maybe some of my successes and failures in modding cheap boards will be helpful to others.


Welcome to Keebtalk!

We’ll be looking forward to seeing your successes and failures in modding cheap boards for sure!

What are you favorite aspects of the hobby so far?

Any current favorite keyboards/keysets?

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

My favorite aspect of the hobby is how much it encourages me to type more - there’s nothing like that first typing test after a build or experiment! And when it goes well I can’t help but look for excuses to write something or get some work done.

Right now my favorite board is the Keychron C2 hotswap (I told you I go for cheap :wink:). I lubed the stock stabs, added some foam, and replaced the switches with g-lubed boba u4t’s and the feel and sound is surprisingly good!


Hey and welcome!

Were always happy to see more hobbyists!

Welcome! Look forward to seeing your mods!


Welcome! You joined the community that Taeha said was basically dead? :joy:

It is NOT dead, but just a great collection of regulars.


Haha yea but that was months ago when he made that video and I figured the site has had some time to grow since then! Plus a smaller community seemed less intimidating :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have been coming here a lot more over /r/mk because I feel like I actually get to see and learn about people doing cool things. Versus meme posts and wpm karma farming.

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Hell, I’m mostly a vintage keyboard person but I still come here and read since things are pretty chill.