Hey from the Bay!


Excited to contribute and be a part of the community. I actually finished up a project with my keychron k4; I threw that in another post but I was stoked at my results. I’m interested in learning more about the hobby and improving my workspace in the process. Currently I’m in GBs for GMK Norse and some Brushworks deskmats.

By day I am a video producer on a marketing team and on the side I do podcasts and photography when I can (not as much these since you know pandemic). I’m more of a motion designer these days anyways.

But, I’m always happy to help people with their video questions. I’m a gear nut and love looking into new cameras.

Great to be here.


Nice! Thanks buddy and welcome to the community. What switches are you into?

Welcome! Norse is a nice looking set! I love that we are seeing different sublegends on keysets now.

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hello hello and a big welcome!!!

For now I’m really digging the drop holy pandas I threw into my board. Since they’re lubed they’re really smooth compared to the mx blues that were in there. As an editor and motion designer I fly across the keyboard while working.

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Ikr? It’s pretty clean and unique. I have some ideas for future builds but for my personal use I think it’ll fit well on my workspace.