Hey Guys! topre_user Daniel here


I’m topre_user, my name is Daniel, and I’m here because of the Heavy Grail!
I’ve been using an HHKB for a few years now, and I also like Realforce boards.
But you know, it’s Topre, there’s only so much you can do with it, or so I thought.

I was just typing away on my HHKB, minding my own business, and then I saw this Manofinterests Heavy Grail video on Youtube a few weeks ago… oh man what a nice thing to just randomly discover!

I’m happy to get my order in for that awesome project, and happy to be on this forum with everyone!


Welcome, Daniel! Do you have any mods on your current Topre boards?

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Hey jtsay!

Yes, I do have some mods, though maybe not the normal ones. Seems like most people want their Topre to be more tactile, but I wanted mine to be softer.

I have 30g domes on my HHKB, and I put those Realforce RBG Foam landing pads underneath each key.

I plan to lube my HHKB as well! I haven’t done that yet. I have krytox grade 0 and I will use it sparingly!

I realized that I prefer the smooth feel of the Realforce, but once I got used to the HHKB layout I didn’t want to use anything else.

What mods and boards do you like?

PS: Just read your HHKB review! Really thorough and informative, and nice photos!!


Welcome welcome!

How do you like the realforce RGB foam?

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Whats up Manofinterests! Man, thank you for making that Heavy Grail prototype video!
That let me to Norbauer and I was fortunate enough to get one of those Heavy Grail orders before the Group Buy sold out.

I really like the realforce RGB foam. It helps me to type with less force so I don’t bottom out as often. I can move faster on the board b/c I’m not bottoming out so much and my hands feel much better than when I was on the stock HHKB without the foam, because I’m hitting down on this soft foam when I do bottom out.

A few months after I got the HHKB, after I had already fallen in love with it, my hands started cramping on me. I was just bottoming out all the time on the plastic. This foam really helped me out. It does reduce a lot of the sound of the board though, it sounds kind of like a silenced HHKB. I’ll have to get silencing rings on here after I lube it, with this foam + lube + silencing rings this keyboard will be as quiet as an electric car :joy:


Greetings and welcome! Always glad to have new folks around.

Congrats on scoring a Grail! Man, what a unicorn. What finish did you get?

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Hello and welcome!

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Thanks Deadeye!

It was a hard decision. I got the Aperture finish! I was torn between Aperture and VHS, but I went with Aperture. I have the dark HHKB case now so ultimately I thought the Aperture would be a cooler version of my current board.

My favorite Norbauer finish is definitely the Retro Refrigerator though. And that clear polycarbonate one is pretty nice looking too. Eh, they’re all nice though!

What are your favorite Norbauer finishes?


Thank you thicthock!

Nice! I actually go back and forth on this – I’ve used a 55g Realforce domes, variable 45g Realforce domes, aged Pro 2 domes, and fresh Pro 3 domes. It’s interesting how, in a way, this is Topre’s version of different springs / stems.

Lubing the rails is a good move IMO - it should help to improve sound and feel substantially.

I’m relatively new to customs, so I’m constantly trying to experiment and learn for the purposes of writing better and more useful content. That said, the HHKB is a pretty “no-fuss” keyboard that I can reach for and know what to expect, so I currently own a couple of those.

Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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I think I’m with you there - I’d have a very hard time choosing between the VHS and Aperture.


I’m trying to convince myself to not get both! I’ve seen how Norbauer released some special editions of past boards so I’m sticking with my Aperture and holding out for what Heavy Grail special release he might do in the future!!

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What you said about the different domes got me thinking, I like how Topre can feel different depending on the weather. Sometimes when I sit down at my board in the morning its a little stiffer or a little softer than usual, its cool how the board responds to the environment like that.

I lubed my board last night!! Oh man I am feeling much more oneness with the rubber cup now. Lubed Topre… man how did I ever use it without lubing it before. I’m about to change my username to lubed_topre_user :joy:

I’m glad you like the HHKB, its a solid board!


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Very Nice!