Hey, how are ya? Looking in from socal

Hey hey! I am Anthony from socal. I got into this mess during the start of covid. Well its been a hella of trip. I started with a ducky one two mini and four group buys later, I’m loving it. So yeah! It’ll be great to meet you all, anyone else like star wars? :smiley:
P.S I’m still waiting for three of the group buys (How do you all deal with the waiting)?!


whatup, welcome.
which GB are you most excited to receive?


I’m somewhat of a less is more type of guy, so I gotta go with GMK minimal R2. What about you? What do you got cooking?


Welcome to community! Yeah the waiting does suck at first, but you get used to it in this hobby. Especially with GB for the boards themselves, I’m waiting on two GBs that are getting very close to the year mark. Star Wars fans, you’ll find plenty of us in the community. There is even a few licensed Star Wars keycap sets thanks to Mike at Novelkeys! For me though the original trilogies & extended universe are where it’s at with Star Wars. The new Disney made SW movies have a big disappointment to me & I’m still kinda salty about them wiping the EU from cannon.

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I got my first gb (infinitum: I fell in love with the stainless steel and I got a thing for the ourboros sign) so now Im just waiting for my keycaps to roll on in… What gbs are you waiting for?
Yeah speaking straight facts, I think alittle bit of me died after watching TLJ. Did Luke so dirty… Shoulda just used the extended universe as script material from the beginning.


Welcome from Nashvegas - glad to have you here.

This hobby can be an exercise in patience for sure… I think my longest wait so far was ~2 years for the Susuwatari keyset - though I know some folks had to wait even longer than that. Still - it makes for some fun mail days down the road.

May the force-curve be with you.


Oh nice, the Infinitum is a very pretty board! I’m waiting on the rd.2 Rukias & the Zambumon/Rama Jules right now. I wanted to get in on the Santiago Cables Monoflex GB going on right now, but they’re payment systems don’t take AMEX cards :frowning:. Yeah what they did with Luke in the TLJ really sealed the deal for me not liking Disney’s take. It kills me too cause like you said they had a wealth of awesome storylines to follow on with the EU stories. Imagine seeing Luke & Darth Krayt fight Abeloth on the big screen!


Welcome from another SoCal resident. The waiting in this hobby can be tough, but it’s also a part of the uniqueness and fun I suppose. I’m still waiting to receive my order from the G60 GB and that’s going on just about 2 years, yikes!

Growing up in the 1980s, I always regarded the original Star Wars movies as the crowning achievement of cinema. Then when Episode I came out I absolutely hated it—still do to this day. I literally fell asleep in the movie theater while watching it and lost all interest in Star Wars thereafter.

Fast forward to today, my middle son just started watching all of the Star Wars movies starting with Episode IV and he just finished The Phantom Menace tonight. When it was over he proclaimed it to be his favorite one so far. Not going to lie, it was hard to hide the crushed feeling I had inside. On the bright side I got to rewatch all the original ones with him and it had been 20 years since I watched them. They’re still fantastic!

Also congrats on the Infinitum. I’m sad I wasn’t able to pick one up when they were in GB. They look and sound great from what I’ve seen online.


Hey! I also got into this hobby this past year. Started in September and it’s been a whirlwind. Glad to have another enthusiast / addict around.


Wow thats a looooong time, totally worth the wait though! And thanks, I love your posts on the Franken Switches. I really want to try out the Sake switches for my next build! May the force curve be with you.

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Ooo that awesome, I love the Rukia. Its one of those legendary fable boards from my standpoint. Just thinking about Luke and Darth Krayt is just tragic. man…

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Oh my goodness, two years and counting?! The patience is unreal! Although there is an exciting anticipation feeling that comes with the waiting.

And I can see that, the prequels are flashy and they flip around everywhere.
But you can’t beat the emotional build up and storytelling that the original movies have not to mention classic hollywood magic with all the props. Also James Earl Jone’s voice acting will never fail to impress me.

Thanks! I love the look and the sound was an added bonus! Can’t wait for my keycaps to come rolling in.

Heya to you too! Nice to meet you, I’m glad to be here!

For me it comes down to the acting, character development and the storytelling. In Episode I, I don’t get any of that.

Example: in Episode I, when young Anakin wins the race and is considering leaving his home planet and mother, she’s almost expressionless or like maybe she ate some spicy food has mild indigestion, and Anakin looks like he’s considering going to a friend’s house for a sleepover, not leaving his home planet and mother forever! Yes, they’re slaves, but imagine a mother contemplating losing her only child and emotions that would illicit! She would be losing her mind even if she knew it was the right thing to do. The majority of the movie is that way, which is surprising considering the cast is chock full of amazing actors.

Anyway some people love it so different strokes I guess.

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Welcome from the opposite coast (Richmond, VA over here)!

I guess I’m a Star Wars purist if I had to label it. The prequels don’t exist to me. No offense to anyone that likes them, but in my opinion they are hot garbage. The sequels are okay and can live in the same timeline, but they aren’t great. When I was growing up, I read the extended universe novels as quickly as I could find them!

I have 3 young children and I will start them off with the original trilogy.

Rogue One is pretty awesome though.

I started keyboard fairly recently with a Tofu 60 with lubed Gat yellows (which has been sold). My next board was a KBD67mkii with NK Silk Blacks. I still have it, but I’m currently using an NK65 Aluminum with TKC Banana Splits and Infinikey Cafe caps.

I have KAT Irons, GMK MoDo 2 and a Vega on Group Buy that I’m waiting patiently for. They should all arrive around the same time.


This morning my son discovered my old Star Wars toys in the garage. He thinks they’re pretty cool


I think they are pretty cool too! The only toy that I have that has survived is an original Snowtrooper. Yoda might be somewhere too.

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Those are awesome! Who is the hooded figure (the emperor or obi-wan)? Either way that’s so cool!

Yeah I fully heartedly agree, a lot of the development is just implied to nonexistent. And they expect you to just go with it. I did enjoy John Williams work on the prequels. But that still what I mean by all flash and not much else.

Damn all this Star Wars talk makes me sad.

Oh sweet! Let me know how you like the Vega. I was interested but decided not to get it way back when I was starting to get into keyboard (so many options and limited resources to spend… oh the horror). And thanks I appreciate the welcomes!

The hooded character is a Jawa

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