Hey, I’m Tiydal


I’m mostly active on Reddit and Discord, you may recognise me by my profile image, which is universal across all my accounts everywhere for everything.

60/65/66% is my favourite keyboard size. I did use ISO but recently changed to hhkb layout (comfy delete key club).

I usually recycle my collection, I buy a board, use it then sell it to get another. My latest boards I’ve used and passed on are the Kbd8x, TX65 and a Tina C. I keep a spreadsheet of my current collection and delete what moves on.

Currently waiting on my m60-a, you may have seen me posting around platforms for Rama keycaps, I’m going to fill the top row of the m60a with them… because what is life without whimsy?

Thanks and hello!


Hey Tiydal :+1:


Welcome! I haven’t seen you on Discord much, but I’m not super active on the /r/mk discord anymore.

You mention past and future boards, what board are you currently using?





Hello tiydal 0/


Welcome man :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t have you any other way dude - love how much you keep some of the discord’s busy :slight_smile:


Currently have a clueboard (love the fixed plate) and an m6a-88 macro pad. (the clueboard is my normal board, I always keep it).

I’m looking for my next board… at the minute I’m really into HHKB layouts due to the excitement from the m60a; I placed an order with KIn25 for a black tx60, although i THINK he only has grey left. If so I will cancel and look elsewhere!


Cool. I’ve been wondering about fixed plates. Some people seem to be very against and others very for. In your experience, does it change typing over that of a sandwich board or a plate mount case?

Cool cool. I tend to like to maximize the use of space on my board, so HHKB layouts aren’t really my thing, but I can understand where they’re useful and enjoyable for many.


I think I have your Tina-C, it’s a great board!


You do! :slight_smile: And yes it’s lovely. I’ve owned three of Tiydal’s boards now :stuck_out_tongue: