Hey I’m Tom, aka TeeAreEffedUp

Hey, long time gh/deskthority lurker, recently been more active on reddit. Looking forward to seeing everything this new platform has to offer! I love linears and TKL’s and have a rapidly expanding collection of boards. Anyways hey!

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Hey back!

What’s your current daily driver?

I trend more towards 60% or smaller and vintage boards, but I just ordered my first TKL the other day!

I swap between boards a lot but lately I’ve been using a Filco MJ2 TKL in an Aluminum Aliexpress case. I installed holtites for the switches and am running lubed vintage blacks in it right now and it’s running DSA legacy for caps while I try to get used to ABS DSA. I love the PBT ones but ABS is interesting… ignore the MF108, that’s for work… the pics are for insurance purposes as I just moved so they’re pretty bad.

I’ve got a couple 60’s and as well as 2 contras and I plan on building one more 60% but I love how TKL’s look so they tend to be my favorite lol. Vintage I’m severely lacking but always looking, their size combined with my new apartment might not mix so well though… What’s your daily these days?

Right now, I’m typing on a KBP V60 with MX greens and rainbow cherry profile caps from a chinese grab bag that I got. I swap between that, a Model F PCXT, and my built Contra at home, at least currently, and I have a german G80-1800 at work that’s stock with an ID card reader in it. Thought that’s gonna change soon.

I ordered the TKL because it has bluetooth and I plan to use that with my HTPC and Steam Link.

Oh, I forgot, I have a gherkin in my bag that I play around with on my laptop. Still getting used to my layers and typing on it though.