Hey, I'm Ched

Hey guys, my name’s Ched and I’m a plant breeder. I’m 22 years old and originally from Liverpool, UK.

My first experience with keyboards would have been when I was 9, typing “selling trout 30gp ea” on RuneScape using a Model M clone that my parents purchased with the family computer. These days I hardly play video games but I’m still quite a sucker for technology, especially things with tactility. In my spare time I like to mix house and techno music on vinyl. I also own a YouTube channel for promoting underground vinyl-only music to share lesser-known tracks with a wider audience.

During high school I purchased a corsair K70 with cherry MX blue switches, mainly for gaming, and soon learned that this would be a fast way to lose all of my friends that I spoke to on Discord. Since moving out, my peripherals consist of only a laptop and a cheap wireless mouse from Amazon. This is perfectly fine for everyday activities but I’ve recently started doing more work from home as a result of the pandemic, often involving typing-heavy activities like running statistical analyses. For this reason, in addition to all the free time I now have, I have decided to start planning my first mechanical keyboard build.

My introduction to this community was from watching TaehaTypes streams on Twitch, and I’ve been lurking on here, Reddit and GeekHack for a few weeks now to assimilate knowledge that will help me in my mission.

At the moment I’m in the process of buying parts. My current plan is to build a 60% DZ60 with 2U left shift and arrow keys, Gateron yellow switches, a KBDfans wooden case and SA Jadeite keycaps which I’m currently on the waiting list for. Once everything arrives I’ll make a post to show the finished product.



Welcome! I look forward to seeing your project.

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