Hey, I'm Cheebs, Cheap Keebs

Hey, I’m Cheebs,a staunch believer in cheap boards. I’m a college student and have a low budget for most things, but I also think that cheap keyboards are not that bad when you mod them.

My current project is a gasket mount all polycarbonate TKL based on the Redragon K552 PCB. Switches are Outemu SIlent Tactiles, probably going to get U4s soon if I like silents.

I’m also really inclined to talk about the 3D printed switches by Riskable 3D printing. He’s just finished his macro pad build, and also magnetic stabilizers. And I’m interested in what he can come up with when he builds a whole board. I just love DIY projects and if I had a 3D printer I wouldve built a full board with his designs.


Ahoy! Welcome aboard…

I’ve got a soft spot for super-budget builds myself, and I love the idea of applying lessons learned from artists of the premium custom world into DIY designs. I’d love to see some of your projects!

I love my machined and cerakoted customs, but I’m still impressed by how decent some cheap keebs can be. My first $30 keeb blew my mind with how much better it was than any random one I’d had before - and knowing it was way on the budget side only made me excited for what was possible from there.

Have not been disappointed. :ok_hand:


Thanks Deadeye!

I’ve been lurking around on this subreddit before I joined, and I’ve been a big fan of your frankenswitches. I’m certainly down to try your SSS Pandas soon enough.

And I’ll certainly be posting some designs when I get the time to finish them!

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Hey, Thanks Cheebs!

Really anything you put Gazzew’s stems into becomes a super quiet switch, and lately I’ve been liking the linear ones more in Kiwi housings than in Pandas - but what I’m really looking forward to trying with them are his Boba housings, since they are supposed to have nice tight tolerances.


Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a hold of the Bobas with U4 stems one way or another. I really hope Outemu takes indspiration from Gazzew, making more budget but still really good switches.


I’m with you on the budget builds. I personally keep looking at all the inexpensive options on Banggood wondering just how cheaply a build can be done. We should all just get a budget keyboard thread going so we can compare notes.


We really should! That would be really interesting.

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