Hey, I'm Clacksmith


Not new to the hobby just new to here :slight_smile:

Been in the hobby around 3 years now and have had plenty of time to try all sorts of different switches, mods and keyboards. I have a pretty good idea of what I like but sometimes I still get pleasantly surprised by the hobby with new product arrivals.

A few things about myself… I like tactiles such as lubed filmed and spring swapped nos vintage clears, lubed silenced and dome swapped topre, skcm orange and brown but I like linears more with my go to linear switch being lubed filmed and spring swapped retooled or nos vintage blacks. I’ve been converted to ortholinear and colemak dhm it really makes typing super comfy and fun, my go to boards as of right now are a planck and let’s split, I really like the 4x12 layout because it makes reaching all keys easy and the layer keys are accessed with my thumbs so it’s not awkward at all. Current best typing speed is 140 wpm but I’m always trying to improve.

I look forward to having some fun discussions with the community on here :keyboard:


Have you tried any of the new line of linears around here (Gateron Ink, Tealio/Healio V2, Novelkeys Cream, Geekmaker Creamy) and have opinions about em?


I’ve tried tealios and for somebody who doesn’t like polycarb housing like at all they’re pretty nice but with how cheap retooled blacks are I can’t justify them, haven’t had chance to try creams yet but I’d love to get the chance. I’d also be interested in trying inks if they use different moulds to other gat switches and have reduced wobble since they’re meant to be super smooth.


Gateron Inks use the same molds, but have a slightly bigger stem to prevent wobble, iirc. It’s the new housing that’s the draw. The Creams apparently take super well to lube, and while they have a bit of wobble, it’s nothing that can’t be reduced with a little filming.


That’s interesting will definitely have to get my hands on some inks and might even have to try some frankensteins with the stems in other housings. I heard the lube issue was fixed with creams and the sound of pom on pom draws me to them, I also heard the wobble came from the stem post with them since they bottom out on that instead of the rails which would be interesting to try and if I don’t like it I can always try gat or retooled black stems in them and get the benefit of the pom housings still.


Keep an eye out for @Walkerstop’s upcoming build - there’s an all-POM board a coming from him!


Will for sure keep an eye out, sounds really interesting.


Hi! I have a similar story as you, 3 years in the hobby, ended up using ortho/ergo 40% keyboards and Colemak DHm. Let’s Split is one of my daily keyboards, I’m using it at home and Corne at work.
What do you think about getting further and using alternative number row? dusty from Colemak Discord and me are using 7531980246 in the home row.


I like having my number row on a separate layer honestly because the layer keys are comfortable to use and it makes numbers easily to reach. I use my numbers on my top row.


Sure I’m talking about a separate layer. I’ve tried to have them in the top row, but eventually moved numbers to the home row, having associated symbols in the top row. That really depends of personal preferences and what do you use more frequently, numbers or symbols, but my choice is to keep them all in one layer and have almost all symbols accessible directly without Shift.


Yeah you’re right it’s preference, just depends on which you use more as to where you put them and which position is more comfortable for you.


And here we come to my “non-abc” numrow. The logic is similar to why we use colemak but not alphabetic layout. 0 and 1 under index fingers, they are the most frequently typed numbers by all means. 2 is by 0, that location will be beneficial for typing year for the next 81 years and especially good for the next year 2020 :slight_smile:
BTW, “I” and “O” in qwerty are located under 8 and 9 for the same reason, it was used to type numbers 1 and 0 in the early typewrites and it was beneficial to have it by 89 to easily type 1880 or so.