Hey I'm ghstgrl, the (former)lurker

Casual keeb hobbyist slowly getting more into the creative side of mechanical keyboards. Been lurking in various keyboard communities since 2014/2015 but only recently started buying more things and design my own ideas :slight_smile:

Really been enjoying lurking here seeing how it’s a nice alternative to the forum format but still allows coo, long, in depth discussions. Looking forward to learning more from the community! My next challenges are to try to learn how to design a PCB and to learn how to 3d model.


Welcome welcome! Looking forward to seeing your creative endeavors.

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Welcome! Have you found any good resources for PCB design and 3d modeling?

I’ve found a few youtube channels and friendly folks on discord to help along with sites like Keycap Designer Resources for some resources :slight_smile:


Welcome to Keebtalk!

Welcome! Looking forward to that PCB.

Wait, didn’t you design Infinikey Comfy?

Post on GH.

Sales page on TKC.

Another darn mech celebrity in our midst!

Yes :slight_smile: I am the designer of comfy haha

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:flushed: you flatter me. I hope Comfy is just a first dip into designing my own keyboard-related things! One day I will design my own case and macropad :smiley:


Ooh, and the GB is in less than two weeks as well. I was super impressed with the test caps you sent to Alex! I’m definitely considering joining the buy, would be my first weeb set :slight_smile:

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