Hey, I'm jb1830 aka @jonboulton


Well, I guess we’re doing this. I’m JB, some of you might know me better from Instagram where I go by @jonboulton. I’m part of the NYC and Philly communities and like to take pictures of stuff. While not technically an employee I also rep 1upkeyboards.com and help with some of the day to day operations like product photos and customer support.

Here’s some of my boards

And some of my artisan pics


Great collection and some brilliant photography! I don’t really use instagram, but it looks like I should start to.


There’s a decent amount of stuff going on there. Tons of people post pics and it’s a cool way to also learn a little bit more about the people in the community since they dont just post keyboards all the time.


I’ll probably see you over there. When I get over my fear of pictures of food… I can do it.


Oh man then my profile is not the place for you as I work in food media :joy:


Hahaha, I was presuming it was something product photography based but, I couldn’t have imagined this worst case scenario…

I’ll check it out man!


I came to say hi, because I read “food”. Welcome.


Speaking of food, I’m hungry. Is it dinner time yet?


SUP JB! Good to see ya man!


Sup @atari_zero_tv! Good to see you here.


I had no idea you did photos. Great work man! I have a nice camera and barely use it :frowning: