Hey, I'm John and I run Desk Candy

Hey, I’m John, I’ve been in the hobby for around a year and a half and you might know me as the person running Modern M0110 with Janglad. I started Desk Candy this year to bring keyboard projects like Modern M0110 to life. I’m learning a lot about making stuff (Modern M0110 is made in the US and probably some future projects too) and grateful for all the support from the community as I’ve been on that journey.

Some of the keyboards in my personal collection:

  • USB-converted Apple M0116
  • Several Modern M0110 prototypes (of course)
  • Dell AT101
  • AEK II
  • Alps64 with brown Alps
  • Alps64 with orange Alps
  • IBM Model M

I also have a bunch of MX boards but you might be able to tell I’m really into the vintage stuff :smiley:


Welcome man! Good to see you on board :slight_smile:

Thanks for having Alps on your XD60v3, I almost passed on it because I didn’t notice. Do you think it can do BAE? If not I’ll use my dell parts so no worries

What’s BAE?

Big Ass Enter from a Focus 2001