Hey I'm Lump

About Me:

Hey, I’m Hunter known as Lump(ofunworth) on Discord and the uh old place. I got into the hobby somewhat recently it’s almost been a year actually. I started this hobby with a Tina B from KBDfans built by a friend that I met when I first joined (I’ve seen you floating around here :slight_smile:). I’m currently typing this on a 96Kee and have some plans for my next board coming soon.

What I’ve Learned:

This community taught me that I could solder, that dell rubber dome is far from the end, that yes it is possible to spend too much on keyboards, that people can be kind on the internet, and that new, real friends can be made by just showing common interests and being a decent human.

Personal Thanks

I just wanted to say thank you to the people who organized this. Being so new to the hobby, the idea of a home for it being compromised in a bidding war was quite shocking. I’m happy to be here and look forward to the future of not only this website but the community as a whole.

Thanks, everyone I hope to see you guys around!

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