Hey, I'm Nathan Kim

FeelgHoodMuzik - Nathan Kim - Mr. Sleeves

It’s all me, and I love mechanical keyboards. I’ve mostly been a lurker for most of my days in this hobby until recently, which hopefully most of you have come to know through my YouTube channel. Although I’m probably most known for my attention to detail for the sound aspect of keyboards, I will most definitely be delivering reviews/engaging content in the future! Despite having been in the hobby for years, I’m always constantly learning new things and hopefully will be able to share those findings with you all through my channel.

Apart from this hobby, I am currently a software engineer in the Bay area and a professional photographer. Hopefully one day, creating YouTube content for this community can become a full-time job for me!

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Nathan! I’m so happy to see you here. :slight_smile: Your videos are absolutely beautiful and an excellent service to the community. Please keep 'em coming.


@norbauer, thank you so much :slight_smile: Just found out you’re one of the founders of this! Thank you for spearheading this effort with the other board members

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Here to echo what Ryan said. :ok_hand:

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Nathan, I am also glad you are here! Your cinematography is the best, it inspires me to cultivate my video skills.


Hey I owe you some pictures of your super sweet keyboard!

Here you go!


@lekashman Oh wow these look amazing :slight_smile: thank you so much! (hope you don’t mind me posting them on social media, with me giving you/I:C photo credits)

Do whatever!


LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. I swear your keyboards sound way better than everyone else’s despite the same lubing and setup.


Hello, would you consider making a video tutorial on how you tune your alps stabs? They sound so crisp in your aek64 green alps typing vid!

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hehe thanks :slight_smile:

definitely! i have a couple alps builds lined up for the future, just missing parts, as it’s hard for us alps folks :frowning:

I’d never watched your videos before, but oh my god they are gorgeous. Great work, the sound is so fantastic.

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Hey Nathan :laughing::wink:

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hey, thanks :slight_smile:

what up what up

I would start with “Is this THE Nathan Kim”, but I think we’re past that now right? :slight_smile:

Welcome and here’s hope that you can become a full time content creator as well!

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Really love your videos Nathan! I hope to see more from your channel!


Hey Nathan!

My name is also Nathan. I’ve admired your content for quite some time now. Hope we see more of each other around keebtalk in the near future :slight_smile:


love your videos :blush: looking forward to see more content :slightly_smiling_face: