Hey, I'm wavebeem, organizer of the PDXKBC (Portland Keyboard Club)

Hey all, I’m wavebeem!

I’ve used mechanical keyboards since 2013, but I started to get into it as a hobby in 2018.

Since then I’ve become the organizer of the PDXKBC (Portland Keyboard Club), and even managed to get a short segment on Japanese primetime TV. I gave a talk at SeaGL 2019 about building your own mechanical keyboard.

I started with Cherry MX Browns, like many before me. These days, Kailh Speed Silvers lubed with GPL 205 are my gold standard. My daily board is a Helix with a case from Little Keyboards, rocking DSA Magic Girl.

Right now I’m interested in JWK/Durock switches, and patiently waiting for KAM Ghost.

I’ve lurked a bit in the past, but I’m hoping to become more actively involved. Most keyboard communities have gotten too large and too fast for me, so I’m hoping Keebtalk can be a cozy little home for me to become a bit more active in.


Welcome! This is a great place to share ideas & thoughts


Hello and welcome! That’s a cool build you’ve got there - what got you into ortho?

One of these days when travel makes a little more sense, I’d love to see Portland among some other ostensibly bike-friendly cities. It would be extra rad to visit a meetup in the process.


hey deadeye! i bought a planck on a whim because it looked so cute. it took forever to ship, so i ended up getting a zlant while i was waiting. i’ve just been going down the list in size: 100% > TKL > 75% > 60% > 40%. I don’t see myself ever getting into 30%s though.

i went down the split route eventually because i was having some tightness in my right shoulder. that’s helped out quite a lot actually. and it forced me to have better typing form. i was definitely guilty of using the wrong finger for a lot of things before.

i can’t speak to the bike-ability of portland myself, but we always loved having out-of-town visitors at the meetups when they were happening. when it’s finally safe enough to have a large gathering at a bar again, i will definitely blast the announcement from the mountain tops that the pdxkbc is back in session, haha.


Hi and welcome! Sounds like you’ve got some great keeb xp. You’re knowledge should surely be appreciated here. Thx for sharing.

A lot of folks know more than me, I just have big green hair so I get everyone’s attention :laughing: Thanks for the welcome :smile:

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Welcome! Did you color match your hair color with the Dolch badge? If so, I am envious of your commitment to a keeb-based aesthetic.

…Maybe I could say my hair color is an homage to underwhelming tactility?

I take it you have brown hair? Haha.

Other way around for me. I got the shirt because it matched my hair.