Hey keeb dweebs I'm cyber5am

Hi everyone i’m Mark ,better know in the community as cyber5am or to some of the younger members(to me that’s pretty much everyone) as cyberdad.Although i’ve been using a keyboard for close to 40 years i only got involved in the custom community about 6 months ago, and i love it ,the keebs are great and so are the people.

Glad to see you here! Quite the EU presence now.

Hello, fellow old dude. The topic came up the other day, so I have to ask, what keycap profile do you prefer?

dsa but do use cherry a lot and currently trying a set of blank xda which i only really bought for the space bars

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thanks Chris same to you. i see a lot of the top clack family are here which is great and some new faces I’m looking farward to getting to know

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Glad to see the EU contingent grow :slight_smile:

hey someone has to stand behind you when you cause an international incident lul

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