Hey, Keebtalk, I'm Hako!

Hey there! My name is Hako, lover of all things peach. I entered this hobby around last year but only started going down the rabbit hole in the middle of the quarantine.

My boyfriend asked me how I got into this hobby and the only answer I thought of is, “I like pretty things. I like making, using, and looking at pretty things.” :laughing:

My favorite form factor would be the 65% and tactile switches are my favorite type of switches. I am currently using a black Tofu 65 with Glorious Pandas as my daily driver. I want to try out the Durock Koalas on my next build!

That’s all for now and have a good week ahead!


Hi Hako! Welcome to Keebtalk!

Is Peaches n Cream your favorite keyset?


Oh wow, hi Manofinterests! Thanks for the welcome! I just finished watching your in depth review of the Glorious Pandas on youtube!

Peaches n Cream and Analog Dreams are the very first GMK sets I saw! But I sadly missed out on their respective group buys. I love my GMK Olivia to death, and Cafe comes close. I’m still hoping for a Cafe R2!


Fortunately popular sets will undoubtedly run again, the only question is when -_-. There’s a lot of waiting in this hobby lol


That is some good news to me. As a new person I was very worried I wouldn’t even have a chance to get the GMK Olivia.


Hello! Glad to have you here.

One of my favorite things about this hobby are the nearly endless opportunities to fulfill one’s personal aesthetic with a useful tool. That sounds like a great keeb you’ve put together - I’m a fan of 65’s myself, and am considering a Tofu for my next personal build.

I think the Koalas need films and lube more than the average stock tactile, but with tuning I also think they’re quite nice to use - and they look lovely.

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Welcome! Koalas are pretty close to your Pandas. Just buy 62g springs and swap if you can :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you for the welcomes!

i have a 205g0 ready for my koalas but no films yet. does it matter which type of film i get?
I am interested to see how it differs with the Glorious Pandas, I’ve seen comparison pictures of their stems, and the Panda has a noticeable longer stem.

Yeah the longer stem causes the Pandas to bottom out quicker and you get the “raindrop” like sound. Koalas,T1s, Boba stems won’t have those aspects but they will have the same bump feel.

I haven’t really messed with different films thickness yet. Personally my gut feeling is that it doesn’t matter. Durock is the manufacture of Koalas and their switches really benefit from films. I would say any film brand or type would work. I used TX films on my Koalas and other switches. I went with them purely because of ease of purchase.

Good luck!


I like pretty things. I like making, using, and looking at pretty things.

A great reason to get into keebs :smiley:

Got any good pics of your board? :camera_flash:

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Oh dear, I believe I have your switches (Hako Trues)!

Ooh how do they feel like? Maybe I should try them so I can stay true to my name

Here’s one with some playful bears!



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Well, the Hako True is kind of an acquired taste. Technically, it’s a tactile, but the bump is very slight, almost subliminal. I call it a heavy linear with a twist. They’re very firm and difficult to bottom out, perfect for heavier hands that like to rest on the keys, but not for fans of lighter switches like reds, blues, browns or yellows. Even fans of Cherry’s ‘heavier’ whites and clears will find them a bit stiff. They’re smooth and precise, with shorter travel and very little wobble. The stems are a pinkish color, which can be nice.

These are the result of a legal dispute between the designers (Input Club) of the Halo True and its manufacturer (Drop). The Halo True is an MX based switch, so instead of challenge Drop in court, Input Club put the money to releasing this Kailh Box based switch instead. Input Club chose the name Hako to troll Drop’s lawsuit, because the K is immediately next to the L on a keyboard.

Fans of the Halo True were disappointed at the Hako true, because the bump is much less noticeable. It’s almost not there, but after a couple hours of typing, I realized I was naturally releasing the keys just after the bump. In fact, you don’t really feel the bump going down, but you feel it as the key returns. It’s an interesting sensation I can’t say any mx switch has provided.

Hello there!

Always love this keyset :blush: