Hey Need some advice

So I just want to know your thoughts on Armageddon MKA3C


Colon has to be removed sowwy

The price is unbeatable, so if you are on a very tight budget for a gamer like keyboard with RGB it looks to be a good value.

That beeing said, it is the very low end of the mechanical keyboard.
Do you need RGB to play games ? (I personnally don’t).
Maybe it you but a little bit more money or forget about hot swap and/or RGB you may find a better option.

Although, as I’m not too much in the prebuilt branded keyboard game now I may not be the best to give you pointers.


Thanks for the reply! :grinning: This is my first mechanical keyboard and because of this trying times I can’t afford a higher quality one. And I was hoping swap the keys for some branded keys like cherry mxs or gaterons if possible. I will be making a customized one myself but for now I don’t have the time, elbow grease and knowledge for such a venture. And btw if you know a cheap or slightly pricey branded alternative or DIY kit I would very much appreciate if you could give me directions. And again thank you for your kind reply. I know because it is a cheap keyboard it’ll ruin my entry-level experience but hey this is an experiment that I am willing to try!

Something of note, the board uses Outemu switches which typically can only be swapped with other Outemu branded switches due to the size of the contact leaf’s legs. I’m fairly certain that Cherry MX and Gateron switches would be off the table.

Also, if you have concerns with quality or ruining your first experience with mechanical switches, by all means hold off and save up for something else. No sense in jumping the gun, and then regretting your purchase. Remember, this should be an upgrade to what you have now.

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The GMMK TKL is hotswap but at around 100-125$.
The Dukcy one 2 Tkl looks better built and at 100$ but no hotswap.

So better than your choice will inevitably be more expensive.

As @fatalruin said, if you are not in a hurry maybe wait until you have sufficient money to buy a better keyboard.

After all in this hobby, if you want nice things (keyboards, keycaps) you have to know and embrace the wait game :wink:

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Oh thanks for the tip! Much appreciate it

Yes. Patience plays an important role. Thnx for the details and the advice!

BTW is there any possibility that I can use a switch from another brand other than OUTEMU?

From quick research, there is a possibility of Bsun and Invyr Panada (not sure if this is original only) switches fitting but these aren’t really that common these days. So for all intents and purposes, no, only Outemu.


Okay thank you very much :blush: