Hey there, I'm Koduh!

Been around since 2013 when I dove into the hobby with a Ducky Zero and haven’t looked back.

I am a self proclaimed 65% Keyboard Zealot who knows that if you use anything but a 65% keyboard you are a HEATHEN! Praise the arrows.

I have had my hand in several projects including:

  • SonoranKeyboards.com - My keyboards & keyset designs
  • KeyboardCatalog.com - An ever growing catalog of all the keyboards. With an emphasis on Custom keyboards.
  • Twitter.com/RedditMechBot - A bot setup to tweet out top posts from /r/mechanicalkeyboards
  • Kayak Keyboard - A sandwich 65% keyboard designed to look like the Canoe.
  • Lynx Keyboard - A split 65% keyboard which uses an high profile aluminum sandwich design. I’ve had many issues with PCB design which has stifled the project.
  • Sol Keyboard - A compact mini-1800 layout, aka 60% with Arrows & Numpad, that I am currently working on a case for. The PCB was designed by Scott at LFKeyboards.com
  • AEK65ii (working name) - Inspired by the CA66 and the Apple Extended Keyboard II this will be a 3d printed keyboard also a WIP, though I have the PCBs ready! (Made by /u/flehrad of TheBoardPodcast).
  • JTK Sun Devil - Failed to meet MOQ on zFrontier. I feel this deserves to be revisited in the coming years.
  • Organized two meetups in Arizona and am the moderator of the Arizona Keyboard Discord Server

I like real keyboard discussion and have a small tolerance for memes; though I am perfectly happy with jokes thrown in for fun.

Nice to meet you!

I sincerely hope I can help make the community a better place.


Man, that Kayak looks better every time I see it.

We desperately need more Koduh products to go live!