Hey there's from Esquimo

Hi there’s, first of all thanks for thinking of the community and for pushing forward in the right way from the start. I’m Levi (Esquimo) a 43 year old design and art lover who discovered the keyboard community via Massdrop and wondered why the hell folks spent so much money on bits of plastic, I then fell into the rabbit hole and am in the process of digging deeper.

I ended up purchasing a mechanical keyboard (an MSI GK-701 with browns) and pretty much straight away knew I’d never go make to a membrane. I’ve since purchased a Rama M10-a and a 5° fitted with Tealio with a mix of MaxKey SA, also having a second 60%. I’ve also dabbled with getting into producing Artisan keycaps with hopefully my first sale coming in the next couple of months, once I’m happy with my first design.

Thanks to all for the knowledge and Keeb info, keep it coming.
I’m also an Eve online player and a member of Black Legion, pewpewpew.


Sounds like you’ve fallen deep into the rabbit hole. :smile:

Looking forward to seeing your artisans when they are ready!

Welcome man!!