Hey, What's Up? I'm Combonaut

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been posting on here for a while, but thought I’d finally get around to posting an introduction.
I’m based in Australia, and have been putting together mechs for just over a year now.
I’m beginning to really love 60% boards, I find I don’t use a lot of the functionality offered by TKLs and full-sizes and 40% pushes it a little too small for me.
I love the amount of parts and flexibility that 60%s give too.
Here’s a majority of my collection and I’m really eagerly awaiting; Zilent 78g V2s, Outemu Skys, DSA Milkshake and a Grid600.


Howdy Combonaut and welcome!

As a fellow 60% enthusiast, I definitely gotta ask; are there any future 60% boards that have caught your eye and you want to get?

Or, are there any that you’re waiting to ship at the moment from a GB you’ve joined? :smiley:

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Thanks Huey,
Keep up the great work with your new video content :slight_smile:
I gotta say, I’m loving what seems to be a recent trend of offering group buys just for 60% cases.
The Grid600 and the recent Noxary prototypes come to mind. With so many 60% PCBs offering different layouts, I feel like interesting cases are where it’s at!