Heya! First modern MK, how’d I do!?

Been on an ‘84 Model M since ~’00. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about with modern mechanicals, figured I’d be smart to snag a pre-built and dip my toes in before building something. Got lucky (I think) and found a Leopold FC660M locally. Earlier Taiwanese version, reds, single-shot keys. Feels great to me - probably still like my M for typing, but enjoying the Leo for games and the variety!

What next!?!?



Good pickup! How are you liking it so far?

What are you thinking about building as well?

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You did good. Leopold’s are the best pre-built mechanical boards you can buy IMO.

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Loving it so far! The reds are a nice contrast to the model M’s buckling springs, though I can’t type nearly as quick on them.

May snag a few other prebuilts to compare layouts and switches before taking the plunge on a build. I like the arrow keys, wonder if I wouldn’t be better with something that has dedicated F keys, or if I’ll get quick at accessing them via the Fn key.

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This! Showed my Mum my simple work keyboard with browns, the one I made myself and the leopold and the leopold is very close to the one I made and modded myself and it’s a stock

Starting off strong… Leopolds are great

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