Heya I'm keppakapp

My name is Keppakapp and I used to be a lurker until I worked up enough courage to make an account. I’m very new to mech boards but I’ve been lurking for some time now. I’m an illustrator that sort of fell into the rabbit hole of mech boards since my friends like to encourage new hobbies. It’s hard to resist when theres such pretty keycap designs in the market.

Currently I’m modding an old full size daskeyboard for practice (its about 5 years old). Repainted the case/plate, swapped cherry browns for Boba U4’s, and waiting for new keycaps to come in. Hopefully that’ll finish soon. I plan to build my first mech board as a gift to a family member and I’m feeling confident about it.

I do have left over boba’s if anyone is interested in trading for a switch sample pack. Theres 15 which could be enough for a macro or number pad.

Glad to be finally posting here, can’t wait to learn more with you all!


Welcome! That sounds like a fun project you’re working on - looking forward to seeing your handiwork.

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Hello and welcome to the party! :wink:

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Hello! Sounds like a fun project post a photo when your project is done :slight_smile:

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Welcome! No courage needed to introduce yourself and participate. We all float down here.

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