Heyo, I'm amillie!

Hey everyone, I’m amillie from AZ. I finally built my first keyboard last year, and after deciding to upgrade it this year I fell right back into the trap. Tinkering with anything electronics related has always been fun for me so it’s been great to dive in and see all kinds of different builds and conversations. Can’t wait to go even further down the rabbit hole!


Hello and welcome! If you enjoy the rabbit hole, you’ve come to the right place.


oh I definitely do! I’m an engineer by trade so poking around and getting buried in hobbies like this is right up my alley haha.


Welcome! What is your current favorite board and or switch to use at the moment?

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hm, I haven’t had much of a chance to really experiment with many switches but I’ve really enjoyed my black inks. I was too lazy to lube them though, so once I tear down and rebuild I’m gonna do that haha


The nice thing about inks is that a lot of people like them with out lube. They are great out of the box. Welcome and best of luck if you decided to lube!

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I was very happy when I first started using my kb, they felt and still feel really good. Oh I’ve already got the sweet stuff, I just need the rest of my kb to actually get here D:


Hello and Welp I know the feeling I promised myself only one keyboard…