Heyoo, it's donutcat

Sup nerds, donutcat here. Most of you will know me as a community vendor and owner of Donut Cables LLC. Most of what I do in the community is run group buys and interest checks for neat things, make cables, soldering/desoldering work, have opinions, do a smidge of PCB design, and generally try to share the knowledge I’ve acquired from being in the hobby.

Jades are the best clicky and 96key is layout perfection, fite me.


Jades are the best clicky, however it’s Alpha that’s not just layout perfection, but absolute keyboard perfection.

Good to see you here. I hope you have those OG Cable extras :stuck_out_tongue:

R2 soon please. Sad i couldn’t get in on R1 despite my hype for it.

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I have a few extras I’ll be selling after everything is shipped (it’s a slow process, as it’s my first time running a GB :/) I’m going into a busy school year so R2 may or may not happen as soon as you’d like but I’ll be open-sourcing everything, so other vendors can do sales.

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