HHKB BT/Hybrid differences

Hi all,

I’ve got the opportunity of picking up a Professional BT but I’m having a little trouble trying to figure out what the differences are between the Professional BT (PD-KB600B) and the Hybrid (PD-KB800BS). Anyone have any insights?

From what I can tell, visually at least:

  • Hybrid is latest version
  • Logo placement on the Hybrid is smaller and in the top left, whereas the Pro BT is on the bottom right
  • Hybrid has USB-C and Pro BT has?


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The 600 (BT) is the generation preceding the Hybrid, so it has only non-silenced switches and (I believe) USB micro.

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Hibrid also allows you to remap keys from the main + second layer. They provide a software that you can use. Not all keys can be remapped (FN key, etc.) but most can.

Also you have a different look on the case angles. The Hibrid case is made out of PBT so no yellowing on the white version and should feel sturdier.

I own 2 x Pro 2 Type S modded and with BT controllers and an Hybrid modded to be silent with aftermarket rings.

Type S sliders are better having less wobble and feeling overall better for me when modded. Programabillity and BT is also a wish for me.

For a shortcut now I would get a Hybrid Type S and lube it, even though I find the Pro 2 version case being better looking.


Thanks for the excellent explanation.

I forgot about the Hybrid having a PBT case.

I already own a Pro Hybrid Type-S in white which I’ve lubed the sliders and I love it so much. I don’t use the key remapping functionality so that’s fine but I find the Bluetooth feature very useful.

Reason I ask is that a black BT has come up for sale (non Type-S) and was wondering how similiar it would be to my current Pro Hybrid.

I think the case is made by ABS and AES, not PBT.

source: https://fujitsuscannerstore.com/cg01000-296601/?fbclid=IwAR0_Z1qm3ailoiUBy1S04-_rIQLXAqA-93P-RZT2IjJv0QGyerMKBlsbzGI


The biggest drawback of the BT (Pro 2 generation) is that it cannot be used in wired mode if need be (the USB connection is only for power and not data).

The Hybrid (Pro 3 generation) can be used in both modes.