HHKB Hybrid VS HHKB Pro 2 keycaps difference

I’ve seen someone on mechmarket mentioning the HHKB pro 2 keycaps don’t go well on the new Hybrid model.

After asking for some info and pics, it seems there is a slight difference between the Pro 2 and Hybrid keycaps, the latter being slightly more angled and sitting even lower.

Can anyone owning both models confirm and offer more details ?

Here are some pics. White is Hybrid.

Here is the rmk topic.

This is what the comparision sounds like from that person :
" I’d say that the newer caps feel slightly higher profile than pro2.
For quality, I could tell instantly that the quality of the keycaps on my hybrid felt more premium. This is not to say that the pro 2 caps suck :stuck_out_tongue: Surface on my hybrid caps was also smoother (thickness seemed about the same between the 2 but I don’t have the tools to measure it precisely) and the typing experience felt much better. The new keycaps are definitely an improvement "

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