HHKB Pro 2 Hi-Pro and PFU Keyboard Roof

Does anyone know if the following PFU acrylic roofs will fit on an HHKB Pro 2 with hi-pro caps?

Thanks in advance!

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I bought mine directly from PFU Direct via Rakuten.

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Thanks, @3F21!

I really like the pics of your keeb on the storyboard, animal sheet.

But it looks like you have regular HHKB Pro 2 keycaps on your board.

Hi-pro keycaps are much higher profile than normal Pro 2 caps.

Here’s a pic:

What I’m wondering is if the roofs will still fit on the Pro 2 when it has hi-pro caps on it.

Still loving the pics of your board…

Attached is the depth inside the roof. Exactly 1 cm.

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Thank you @3F21!

That is so helpful!

I’ll report back with my measurements tomorrow for others as well.