HHKB/Realforce in Canada

Hey all,

I’ve been wanting to get into HHKB/Realforce topre boards for awhile but it’s pretty expensive since I can’t buy boards directly from the Fujitsu store. For example, the Realforce R2 is about 380 CAD on Amazon. I was hoping to grab the HHKB pro classic (3), but doesn’t seem to be available for Canadian buyers (for a reasonable price).

Would anyone know where to else to look? Ideally stock since I want to try out the modding myself.


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My friend used Amazon Japan to ship to his place here in Canada. Not sure if he got free shipping using Prime, but I know that he checked a lot of options and aside from second hand it was his cheapest option.

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You should definitely check out r/mechmarket though, I know some people enjoy the thrill of a brand new box, but you’re not going to get any more wear and tear on the keycaps, and are likely to find a lubed and maybe even silenced (With third party rings not the silenced model) for well under stock price, even including shipping to canada.

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Every topre board I own I got second hand off eBay or fb marketplace. My R2 cost me $82


I see hhkbs on /r/mechmarket pretty much every week.

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That is true, there’s always plenty on r/mm. I was just hoping to try modding myself from a stock unit to see what I like. I’ll keep my eyes out on there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip! There’s a handful of new ones on eBay that are cheaper than the ones on Amazon, and like you said, used ones for a decent price. I might grab something there

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I have a barely used, lubed variable weight RF 87u with some extras (including uninstalled silencing rings) that I’d be willing to part with for much less than you’d find it new. Still have the original box as well. Message me if you’d like.

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